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Keeping up with the Fussy/s.

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Fussy Sewing Machine
(illustration by Marjorie Ann Velez )

The purpose of this blog is to document experiments, projects, news, and all things Fussybutt. Think I can do it? Better yet, think anyone will notice?
I’m sort of hoping nobody will pay attention until I get the hang of this blogging thing. Shhhh.

Speaking of news, there are numerous changes a’brewing. Fussybutt is getting ready to make way for its sister site, Sew Fussy,
(actually, Sew Fussy will instead be FussyWear due to the abundance of “Sew-So” names that I am just now noticing) which is currently in the works and should be active in the next few months. I can’t wait! What I mean to say is that I’m SEW excited! And sew dorky so unoriginal, obviously.

FussyWear will feature the Fussybutt line of products (for babies – like cloth diapers, diaper covers, and baby clothing), but will also feature the FussyWear line of products for non-babies.
Because nobody wants to have to tell friends that the shirt they are wearing came from “Fussybutt”!
–“Excuse me? Fussy… What?”

It’s *my* business name and I get embarrassed having to order baby supplies using the name.
Sew Fussy FussyWear it is. I’m sew so indecisive.


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March 27, 2007 at 7:53 pm

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