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Simplicity 4020 + Black Linen Dress (Japanese Pattern Book)

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I’ve gotta step it up, I’m a blog slacker. I don’t know how crafty people with children maintain such cool and interesting blogs! I can hardly find time to bathe myself, let alone take care of Anya and Zella, eat my meal-a-day, clean up after myself (okay, I don’t actually do this) , and compose blog entries that are worthy of a read. I’ll have to try harder.

Last week I decided to take time out from my busy schedule of diapers and drool to make some things for *me*. I’ve been wanting to sew Simplicity 4020 for a long time. It just looks like something I could get a lot of wear out of, especially the sleeveless version.

I was also inspired by the many positive reviews at patternreview.

I found this pattern easy to follow and fairly quick to sew. Best of all, I’m thrilled with how it fits and how it looks. It’s flattering and stylish, but not over-styled. The pleats on the front are so cute, and the collar is pretty interesting.

white knit top with green circle swirls

I have to say that the next time I sew it (and there will definitely be a “next time”) I will leave off the Spock-lookin’ sleeve thingys. But they don’t bother me enough to take them off of this version. Also, the facing at the neck is somewhat wide – at over 1″, even with topstitching it tends to need adjusting to keep it hidden after I put it on. I’m not sure if I was supposed to stitch it down farther away from the collar edge, or what. After I topstitched the collar close to the edge it got slightly stiff and wavy, so I’m thinking I should have not topstitched at all, or topstitched about an inch or so away from the edge.

Next, I decided to try a little something from one of my newest Japanese pattern books called “Sewing Talk.” The styles in this book are simple and beautiful. I made a black linen dress with elasticized neck and sleeves, and with the time taken to trace the pattern onto pattern paper, cut the fabric, and do everything else, I probably spent 3 hours on it. There were no darts or closures of any sort, so it was easy. I love how it turned out, and so does my husband. I am pretty sure my mom thinks its weird, but so is she. Ya hear that, wench?

And now for some fuzzy modeling action. My 4 year old was photographing, but I actually think she did a great job.

I’m totally not photogenic (is that UN-photogenic or NON-photogenic?), so I’m happy that my face is out of focus. Don’t I look mad in the second one?


Written by sewfussy

June 24, 2007 at 2:37 am

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  1. oh my…Christy, love the flower-green-white blouse you shown above. I also don’t understand how mom’s can be multitasking, job, blog, kids and husband all the time. It takes me a lot of time every time I publish a long post, usually I try to leave it simple.
    How often are you planning to update your blog?
    I will add to you my link-love blogroll, to come back often! :))
    I forgot to tell you, it was quite easy to customize my platform, although I have to buy the CSS upgrade to customize it.
    But I am happy with it.
    Please, keep me posted about your site!

    Majeak Ann

    June 26, 2007 at 7:02 pm

  2. I definitely agree on balancing the blog thing with kids (I’ve got 2). Very very difficult. It was some nice “me” time this summer, but now that my semester has started back up, it has been hit and miss.

    Just wanted to say, love that dress and would love some close ups of the sleeve area. Looks like my kind of dress and about the amount of time I like to spend on a project.


    September 9, 2008 at 10:55 am

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