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Helloween Sewing (Simplicity 8953)

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What was I *thinking?*    I could have spent as little as $20 and 45 minutes on a Little Mermaid or Princess costume for Anya but instead I decided to try and thin my fabric stash and make her this poufy insane ensemble that may not even fit her.

simplicity 8953

I’ll be sure to post pictures of the actual project in a day or two.  It’s basic but very “Princess-like,” and Anya is all about Princesses these days (but not as much as she is crazy about Ariel).
Must get back to hand sewing the lining in so that I can go to sleep.    I gathered well over 10 feet of fabric tonight.  Errgh… remind me never to do this again!


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October 31, 2007 at 6:21 am

My Sewing Room Overrunneth.

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Um….I think I need to stock my website and make some space!

fussy galore

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October 26, 2007 at 5:00 am

Jalie 2005 Choice of Tees- love it!

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I think I may have found my tried and true shirt pattern in Jalie 2005’s Choice of Tees. It’s only (ha) the fifth tee pattern I’ve tested and unlike the other 4 patterns, this is one I know I’ll be using again very soon.

Jalie 2005 Choice of Tees

This is my first Jalie pattern and I’m not sure why I decided to give it a try. Sure, there are nearly 80 positive reviews for this particular pattern on patternreview, but I don’t think I saw them before I acquired the pattern. It must have been the groovy looking cover page (above) that jumped out at me during a recent shopping spree.

Some other cool things about this pattern include the fact that the sizing goes from toddler (size 92) all the way to adult (size 25/26). I don’t have any other patterns that include adult *and* children’s sizes in the same envelope. There are also three different styles included; v neck, boat neck, and round neck (also referred to as jewel neck. what?). Seriously though, am I dumb for not knowing what “jewel neck” means? Don’t answer that.

(round neck version with unhemmed sleeves and added band at bottom)

round neck jalie 2005

I decided to be an incredible dork and make matching boat neckline shirts for my 18 month old and myself using a slinky black bamboo jersey that I bought from a local Hancock’s before it closed. I thought it would be really difficult to work with but it wasn’t too bad. I used my serger quite a bit for the seaming.


The directions for this pattern are not very clear, plus they are included on one of the huge pattern sheets instead of on a separate, smaller piece of paper. It would have been easy to make a copy of the instructions if I had thought of it, but now that I’ve sewn a couple of the tees and am familiar with the pattern, I won’t be needing them. Ultimately, the included instructions are not all that helpful to begin with, but how complicated can a tee shirt be?

Here is a shot of my unhemmed shirt – I was being lazy. I need to lengthen it by adding a band to the bottom (see round neck star tee below) because I prefer my shirts to be a bit longer than average. I don’t have a picture of my daughter’s shirt, but it looks the same as this one only smaller.

boat neck Jalie 2005


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October 23, 2007 at 1:40 pm

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Built By Wendy 3835 Tunic Dress (or whatever) and Boy Haircut

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. A couple of weeks ago I was stricken with the worst sinus/tooth pain of my life and was unable to function for about a week. After an emergency trip to the dentist and a few days of antibiotics and pain medication I’m finally starting to feel better. Man, that was rough.

So since I haven’t written in so long I have quite a bit to show, but because there are a lot of pictures I am going to post a little at a time. For today, a tunic dress that was inspired by the Built by Wendy 3835 dress/shirt pattern and the dress in view C in Sewing Talk, one of my favorite Japanese pattern books. I wish I had a photograph of view C, but I don’t right now. It’s basically a simple sleeveless dress with no darts and an elastic casings at the neck and the armholes. So easy!

built by wendy 3835sewing talk

I referred to both patterns for the body, basing my dress on the shirt in the BBW pattern (another “view C”) but using the Sewing Talk pattern to lengthen the BBW top. I also used the raglan style BBW sleeves and the BBW pockets. Okay then, I guess it’s actually best described as a modified Built by Wendy 3835 but I only made it because I liked how my first Sewing Talk View C dress came out so much. I have pictures of that dress, but they really suck so I’m not sharing.

The dress was made using a weird crinkle-gauze type blend I got for $1 a yard from Joann’s. It was really easy to work with but the fact that it is crinkly stretch fabric made the pockets tricky to apply – or it could have been difficult because I bias cut the pockets. You can see how they are a bit “off” in the dress form photo.
I read an article recently that said the best skirt lengths for us short folk is either mid-thigh or ankle – *not* right at/above the knee or mid calf. I never realized that, but it’s true. The dress is quite short but I plan to wear it this fall with asphalt American Apparel leggings. I am wearing biker shorts underneath it in the photos. Stylin’!

built by wendy 3835 on dress form

Check out my boy-hair below. I told y’all I went a little crazy with my razor cutter after my last haircut! It’s so much easier to have it this short, though, and I’ll sacrifice beauty for ease any day.

tunic dress bbw 3835

tunic dress bbw 3835

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October 14, 2007 at 6:06 pm