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Jalie 2005 Choice of Tees- love it!

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I think I may have found my tried and true shirt pattern in Jalie 2005’s Choice of Tees. It’s only (ha) the fifth tee pattern I’ve tested and unlike the other 4 patterns, this is one I know I’ll be using again very soon.

Jalie 2005 Choice of Tees

This is my first Jalie pattern and I’m not sure why I decided to give it a try. Sure, there are nearly 80 positive reviews for this particular pattern on patternreview, but I don’t think I saw them before I acquired the pattern. It must have been the groovy looking cover page (above) that jumped out at me during a recent shopping spree.

Some other cool things about this pattern include the fact that the sizing goes from toddler (size 92) all the way to adult (size 25/26). I don’t have any other patterns that include adult *and* children’s sizes in the same envelope. There are also three different styles included; v neck, boat neck, and round neck (also referred to as jewel neck. what?). Seriously though, am I dumb for not knowing what “jewel neck” means? Don’t answer that.

(round neck version with unhemmed sleeves and added band at bottom)

round neck jalie 2005

I decided to be an incredible dork and make matching boat neckline shirts for my 18 month old and myself using a slinky black bamboo jersey that I bought from a local Hancock’s before it closed. I thought it would be really difficult to work with but it wasn’t too bad. I used my serger quite a bit for the seaming.


The directions for this pattern are not very clear, plus they are included on one of the huge pattern sheets instead of on a separate, smaller piece of paper. It would have been easy to make a copy of the instructions if I had thought of it, but now that I’ve sewn a couple of the tees and am familiar with the pattern, I won’t be needing them. Ultimately, the included instructions are not all that helpful to begin with, but how complicated can a tee shirt be?

Here is a shot of my unhemmed shirt – I was being lazy. I need to lengthen it by adding a band to the bottom (see round neck star tee below) because I prefer my shirts to be a bit longer than average. I don’t have a picture of my daughter’s shirt, but it looks the same as this one only smaller.

boat neck Jalie 2005



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October 23, 2007 at 1:40 pm

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