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Yoshiko Jinzenji, Quilter

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I have never been extremely interested in traditional quilts, but Yoshiko Jinzenji’s work is so different than what I envision when I hear the term “quilt,” and she’s definitely an artist worth checking out!

You can see some of Yoshiko Jinzenji’s beautiful quilts on her website, and there are also a couple of books of her work available. I have “Quilt Artistry” (text in English) and some of the projects inside are amazing… I wish I had some photographs of the inside pages, but I don’t. I’m a tease. Maybe I’ll take some later, though.
And even though it is not written in English I would also like to get the other book, “Simple Quilts.” There are a bunch of projects in there that I would like to make, and it should be similar to the other Japanese pattern books I have in that there is enough information to create the projects without text. I should be able to figure it out, right?

I am also really digging her fabric line (available here at ReproDepot) but my problem is, I can’t decide which of them I love the most. You should really check out the full-size files since you can’t see much in the thumbnails…





For some reason, browsing through her collective fabric line makes me think of Alexander Calder’s work.



Isn’t this little elephant marvelous? I was not familiar with Calder’s non-mobile sculptures but I think I’m more intrigued by them than the types of work pictured above.



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November 14, 2007 at 1:11 am

Fabric Buying Binge…

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I can’t seem to stop buying fabric.  Anyone know of a 12-step program?  Better yet, does anybody have project ideas for me, since I’ve no idea what to make?

Denyse Schmidt and Kaffe Fasset wovens-

Denyse Schmidt + Kaffe Fasset

 Various knit fabrics, including the softest knit fabric I have possibly ever felt (top left), which also happens to be a Japanese import.  Looooove it.  Aren’t those mushrooms adorable as well?

Knit Fabrics - Various

More Japanese imports – some double gauze that will make beautiful children’s dresses (top left, bottom right), and two canvas fabrics that I haven’t decided what I want to make from yet (top right, bottom left).

Japanese Imports - Wovens

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September 28, 2007 at 4:15 am

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Simplicity 4116 w/Peter Pan Collar

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Man, I am so freaking sick. Anya is carrying home the germs of a thousand children and apparently I am very receptive to the buggers… She brought home some flu-like virus on her first week which I caught right away, and ever since then we’ve been passing it back and forth. My point, dear anonymous readers, is that I’m being lazy about posting because I haven’t done much of great interest in the last month.

One of my few sickie projects includes an attempt at Simplicity 4116.  Doesn’t it look cute in the line drawings? Nice and fitted at the waist?

simplicity 4116 back peter pan collar

I really thought this could be a cute girlie dress. I’ve never made anything in this style before, most of the things I wear are much simpler (much more simple?) and less frilly. I had ordered a bunch of linen – my favorite non-organic fabric – from a little while ago during a sale and thought one of the colorways would look cute made into this pattern. Echhh… I was so wrong.
Since I didn’t actually finish this dress I almost didn’t post about it, but I decided to pin the skirt to the bodice and take some photos to show how it would have looked if I had finished. And it actually looks pretty cute on the dress form. Trust me when I say it looked a hundred times worse on my body. I put the bodice on for my husband and laughed at myself while he said “How could you even possibly think….???” Oh, it was bad.

simplicity 4116 full view

simplicity 4116 detail

simplicity 4116 close-up

Aside from this style being seriously unflattering on me in anybody’s lifetime, I think one of the problems is the fabric I used. It was a relatively stiff fabric, not quite light canvas-weight, but similar. The pattern called for fabrics such as lightweight linen and linen blends, crepe de chine, crinkled gauze, and silk linen (What? Such a thing exists? It’s my new mission to find and purchase some.) I think my linen was slightly too heavy, even though I would never call it a heavyweight fabric. My collar is funky, my sleeves are stiff and silly, and the whole dress makes me look like a clown.
Although the pattern information makes it look as if the dress is fitted, the waist is actually straight and roomy, not very fitted at all.  That was disappointing.
Finally, the size 12 I cut should have probably been a 10 or even an 8. Sucker was huge on me!

After hemming it, I plan to sew an elastic band into the skirt – I was hoping to find some white cotton/lycra knit that I could fashion into a stretchy waistband but all I have is black at the moment. It’s a shame to waste the bodice, but I’m not sure how to salvage it in a way that will look good on me so it will probably be trashed. Any ideas?

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September 20, 2007 at 2:45 pm

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Another Dress for Z

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Dress for Zella Oilily Inspired

I recently got around to sewing another version of the Oilily-inspired dress that I made a few weeks ago for Zella. I don’t know why I hate this Alexander Henry Light Brights print fabric but I really do. I think it might the particular shade of pink that bugs me… it’s so pepto-bismol. I’ve had the fabric for years and have never been inspired to use it for any projects, but I decided the girls can make anything look cute. Plus, I really wanted it out of my fabric pile.

In the first version I tried adding a ruffle to the bottom of the dress (see pic below). A lightweight black cotton trim would have been perfect, but since I only had a stiff and crunchy black linen on-hand (and I’m super impatient) I opted for a rayon/linen blend fabric in a light aqua. The end result was nicht so nice – the ruffle weighed the whole dress down visually and didn’t look good, so I ended up cutting it off and doing a plain old narrow hem (see pic above). I probably should have hemmed with the aqua linen bias tape that I used to finish the arms and neck, but by the end of the project I was fed up with the stupid dress and was tempted to do a (serged) rolled hem so that I could be finished faster. The narrow hem was a good compromise, right?

Dress for Zella Oilily Inspired 2

Since I was left with some good sized scraps of the ugly AH Light Brights I made a little zippered pouch – my very first zippered pouch, actually! I followed this great tutorial here, except that I made a dorky little ruffled bottom on my pouch just to see how it would turn out. Fun, eh?
I had to lighten up my photo a bit to get the ruffled part to show up in the picture.

zippered pouch by chooch

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August 27, 2007 at 12:42 am

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Oilily Table Cuteness

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Speaking of Oilily and my favorite dress of all time-

Oilily Dress Anya

I happened upon the cutest little table on this morning. Click the image below to be taken to the seller’s listing.

Isn’t it adorable? I wish it came in adult size…

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July 10, 2007 at 6:36 pm

Alexander Henry Bright Lights

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testing testing. fabrics, notions, cloth diapers, and more for sale at Christy’s Flickr Album

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May 2, 2007 at 3:05 pm

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