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Here I am! I took a little break from posting because of some rough days but it’s all good, and Super Troopers is on Comedy Central right now so I’m happy. Meow don’t go thinking I’ve just been sitting back, eating candy (um, I have), and watching TV, because I’m actually not slacking – I’ve got so many projects going on right now it’s crazy.

My new blog and website are nearly finished, and soon I’ll be able to show off all of the beautiful artwork that Marjorie made for me, as well as the design skills of the ladies at Aeolidia (Shoshanna has been creating the blog/website). I’m super excited, but it’s been a TON of work and I’m terrible at making design decisions. I’m always second-guessing myself. I also have a new shopping cart in the works but I think it may be a while longer before that one is ready to unveil. Seriously though, I’ve been working on the site makeovers since at least January 2007. Almost a year! I think it will have been worth the wait.

And look what else I managed to do last week, I sent out samples! I was extremely professional about it, too – you know you love my stickers and my fabulous penmanship. Ahh yeah.

Fussybutt Diaper Samples

I sent packages to three different manufacturers and I’m praying one of them will be able to help me with a new line of diapers. Aside from being incredibly burnt out from sewing all of my Fussybutt diapers without any assistance for the last 4 years, I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done (I know, who does?).
I had to overcome severe phone anxiety to make this happen, so it better pan out. I don’t want to get too excited yet, since I’ve sent samples out four times already and had no luck at all.

I’ve got a huge batch of cloth pads on the cutting table, including a new overnight pad and a new length regular absorbency pad. Snap-free pad preview below. I need to buy new serger blades because, as you might notice from the picture, the ones on my Baby Lock are not cutting well anymore. Anybody know where I can order them online?

fussybutt pads

Once again I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering names. I am still brainstorming regarding the cloth pads – and suggestions are welcome – but I think I’m satisfied with the name of the new diaper line although I’m not telling just yet! I want to make a distinction between the diapers that are handmade and the ones that are produced by a sewing contractor, so they will belong to different brands. Just what I need, more things to keep track of and obsess about!

In non-work related news, my family and I finally found our way to the Houston Midtown Farmers Market this past Saturday morning. It’s hosted at T’afia on Travis St. and there were some great vendors there. Along with lots of yummy foodstuffs I bought some soaps from my friend Lisa at Fetosoap. She had such a nice booth setup, I wish I had brought a camera with me so that I could have taken pictures.


My next post will probably be about Christmas projects, because I need to motivate myself. I took some photos of a few projects in the books I posted about last week and I’ll post them. Can you stand the excitement?


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November 19, 2007 at 12:14 am

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Trashy Television

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jay mccarroll project runway

All right y’all, who’s ready for Project Runway S4 to get rolling? I’m so looking forward to Wednesday night because I totally love this show and it’s been way too long since the last season aired. I’ve been whetting my appetite reading the entertaining posts on Project Rungay but I need MORE!

By the way, did you know you can buy a Jay McCarroll bag at Fred Flare? I am semi-obsessed with Jay, and I love his work. The way he embellishes his designs, the patchwork, the color mixes, the funky accessories, everything! I don’t care if his winning Project Runway collection was “matchy-matchy,” I thought it rocked. Down to the painted headphones.

jay mccarroll project runway

 jay mccarroll project runway

jay mccarroll project runway

Speaking of reality shows, I just spent half the night watching trash… I’m addicted, I can’t help it. Monday night is my must-view lineup (but PR4 Wednesday nights are going to knock Mondays out of the park starting this week) because there’s The Bachelor – really, yes, I’ve been watching this season – and I Love New York 2, which I’m surprisingly NOT embarrassed to admit I enjoy. Who wouldn’t love watching Tiffany, a.k.a. “New York,” talk trash, abuse her potential suitors, and laugh like an Australian Stock Horse? And what’s up with those pendulous breasts? Those suckers weren’t around for Season 1.
My take on all the VH1 “reality shows” is that they’re pretty fake, but they’re still highly entertaining.

I used to do all of my sewing during the night so I never had time for television, but since Anya started going to school we’re all in bed early so that we can get up at freaking 6:30AM. Just because I’m in bed doesn’t mean I sleep, though. Even my trusty Benadryl isn’t working these days… insomnia is so annoying.


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November 13, 2007 at 1:29 am

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I’ve been sick and bedridden all weekend so here is a superfluous post…

I always end up with these random pictures of our house on my hard drive so I thought I’d share a few here. I know, you can’t actually see much of the overall house, but it’s the best I’ve got right now!
I’m all proud because my husband designed and built it, and I really love living in it.  For that reason alone, it’s unfortunate that we may not be living in Houston for much longer. (Otherwise, I’m rejoicing over a possible move out of here!)

house 1


house 2


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November 11, 2007 at 10:53 pm

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College Sketchbook

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Proof that I really do need the Fashion Drawing book I just bought (but haven’t had time to look at… damn you NaBloPoMo for being so needy).  It’s not that I think these are terrible, but they’re the only ones I can find that I am not completely embarrassed of.   I sketched pretty much daily through five years of college, so it’s not like I didn’t get enough practice.



 I do much better with the appropriate tools (a parallel bar, compass, templates, and lovely, lovely lead holders).



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November 9, 2007 at 11:51 pm

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Sugar Freak!

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After my latest trip to Candylicious (only the coolest candy store in Houston!) I was inspired to devote an entire post to candy.
The fact that I went to the candy store less than 4 days after my girls brought home little bags full of Halloween candy, which I sort of helped myself to,  should demonstrate just how devoted I am to my pal sugar. And less than 24 hours later, half of the candy that I bought is already gone.   So what have I consumed in the last day?

To start, not one, but two delicious packages of the best chocolate marshmallow cups in the world.  I think I may have to buy myself a full case of these muthas.


A full pack of yummy Haribo Jogi-Bussi.  This is new to Candylicious and even though the pastel colors are a turn-off I had to find out what yoghurt filled gummies taste like.  In a word, YUMMI!

Haribo Jogi-Bussi

Half a bag of Pico Balla candy.  I didn’t realize this was licorice! It doesn’t taste like licorice. Hmm.

Pico Balla

I also had a few random bits of soft-centered gum, and I stole a two-dollar chocolate covered cherry from my husband’s hiding place.  Oh, it was so good. At least I confessed when he confronted me!  I almost let him think it was Zella, since she’s pulled that kind of thing before too.  Like mama, like daughter.

Tonight I was searching online for Good N Fruity candies since they used to be one of my favorite non-chocolate sweets, when I found this discontinued candy list.  What a suck!  I signed the petition to bring them back (yeah, I’m not holding out much hope.)
I was kind of bummed after finding that I will probably never enjoy Good N Fruities again, when Haribo came to the rescue. 

haribo good n fruity lookalike

Reading the description, I’m sure these are as close to Good N Fruity candies as I will ever find.  Is it lame that I’m so excited about this?

All this candy talk is making me want to go brush my teeth, but before I end this post I have to give a nod to the  funniest candy article I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading…  in fact, the whole site is hilarious.  I may have to add it to my blogroll.  Anyway, check out the “worst halloween candy” list – bottom half of the article I just linked to.  Now I’m off to dream about more CANDY!

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November 4, 2007 at 11:29 pm

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Harder than I thought it would be…

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It’s only November 3 and I’m already hard pressed for things to post about. In the 7+ months I’ve been writing in this little bloggy blog I’ve accumulated a piddly 39 posts… and I’m supposed to come up with 30 more in 30 days? Ay-yay-yay. I think I may crack under the self-induced pressure.

The least I can do is provide some laughter for the day’s post. Check out what happened to me on my birthday at dinner with a bunch of (very nice) strangers (the varied group from Fashion Incubator I mentioned in my November 1 “Blog Challenge” post). I don’t think I can ever accurately describe just how embarrassing it was for me. It really doesn’t take much to make me blush, but THIS made my chipmunk cheeks turn purple.

papasitos polaroid

Ah yup, I will subject myself to almost any form of torture if it involves dessert. 😉
On a side note, do I look manly, or what?

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November 3, 2007 at 11:40 pm

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November Blog Challenge.

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Today is my thirty-first birthday. Along with some cute computer illustrations, my gift from my husband is a night out without the children (which, like, NEVER happens around here) so I’m going to meet up with a group of Fashion Incubator regulars who are in town this week for some local events. I’m a bit nervous but I think it will be fun to get to meet some peers.

As for the title challenge, a few weeks ago I signed up for/with/at NaBloPoMo (a network) with the task of blogging every single day for the month of November. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hang, but it seems like a fun thing to at least try. I would imagine I will miss some days here and there, since there are only so many posts I can write about cloth diapers, my children – beautiful as they may be, and my uneventful life.

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November 1, 2007 at 9:16 pm

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